Why Support Progressive Candidates? Because “All That We Love Is On The Line”

Apr 24, 2022 | PDA News

In solidarity,
Alan Minsky for the PDA National Team


There is No Organization in the Country Working Harder than PDA to Produce Progressive Victories in 2022


On May 3rd, it’s election day in Indiana and Ohio, where early voting has already begun. That’s right—the 2022 midterm elections are kicking into high gear right now.

PDA’s mission is to transform the Democratic Party into a truly progressive party for the people and the planet. That means saying “no” to corporate money—and all Big Money—and working non-stop to renew American democracy, bringing integrity back into politics in the process. 

This year we’re supporting dozens of brilliant candidates who, once in office, will work with us to set the Democratic Party and the country on course to build a prosperous, inclusive society with no poverty and no carbon emissions, in the words of the late, great Barbara Jordan, “An America as good as its promise.”