Who Trumps Trump Tuesday — Bernie Does, Of Course!

Sep 19, 2017

By Donna Smith, Executive Director – Progressive Democrats of America

Today is like no other Tuesday.  We have resisted so much together, and we have insisted on a better path forward.  Today, we know more about one another than we did last Tuesday.  We know that justice trumps injustice. We know the travesty that is offered as the latest repeal and replace of the ACA/Obamacare also known as Graham-Cassidy, #Trumpcare, will be trumped in the United States Senate by S.1804, the Medicare for All Act of 2017, #Berniecare.

Do you know how we know that?  Because PDA knows how powerful love and justice can be.  PDA knew it when we first petitioned Bernie to run for president as a Democrat.  And we know for sure that if we had to choose leaders who trump Trump, Senator Bernie Sanders would be at the head of the pack without question.   Bernie trumps Trump this Tuesday.  There are others who certainly trump Trump, and we will explore more of these leaders on future “Who Trumps Trump Tuesday’s.”  But today belongs to Bernie.

PDA knew that at the core of Bernie’s true populist agenda is the belief in healthcare as a human right. Throughout his tenure in government, Bernie has never veered from that position.  Just six days ago, Bernie and sixteen other United States Senators stood before us all and proudly announced the introduction of S.1804 and their clear support as co-sponsors. As incredible as that day was, the Tweeter-in-Chief jumped to his fingers and called the Medicare for All Act of 2017 a “curse.”  Bernie responded as a majority of Americans would support in pointing out that the real curse is plans by the Trumpublicans to throw more than 20 million people off health coverage all together.

PDA would go even further than Bernie did in response.  We believe the curse is the blatant anti-all-things-Obama that moves the #Trumpcare team to push repeatedly to throw tens of millions of Americans off any health coverage at all.

Take action today.  Call your Senators. Both of them.  Or send them an email via this online tool and share it with your friends.  And if you’re willing to do a simple delivery of a letter that we provide to your local senate office

The Trumpublicans plan to vote on Graham-Cassidy soon as another try to repeal and replace the ACA/Obamacare.  Don’t wait.  When you contact your Senators, express strong support for S.1804, the Medicare for All Act of 2017.  Tell your Senator that justice will always trump injustice — #Berniecare trumps #Trumpcare.  No question.

Justice or Bust, fellow resisters and insisters.

Peace and solidarity,

Donna Smith