We Still Want Bernie

Apr 24, 2020

In solidarity for victory!

Alan Minsky for Mike F., Donna, Deb, Dr. Bill, Dan, Janis, Bryan, Kimberly, and Mike H.—your PDA National Staff


Now, More Than Ever, We Need A Progressive Democratic Party
Pitch In Now To Sustain PDA’s and Bernie’s Political Revolution


In 2004, PDA was founded on two simple premises:

1. The progressive left has the best policies for American society

2. The only realistic way that these policies can be passed into law, and put into practice, is through the Democratic Party.

The progressive wing of the party was pretty weak in 2004, but with PDA on the scene, it grew steadily during our first decade. Then, PDA sparked a revolution by drafting Bernie Sanders to run for President as a Democrat in 2016.

By almost upsetting Hillary Clinton for the nomination, Bernie elevated progressive politics to unprecedented levels of support, and established a powerful progressive opposition inside the Democratic Party itself.


Pitch In and/or Volunteer to Help Bernie Win

Yours Truly With Bernie Sanders


Then, just two months ago, Bernie seemed on the precipice of winning the party’s nomination, with a great chance of winning the presidency in the fall. For a glorious few days after the Nevada Caucus, it all seemed possible; all of our hard work was paying off, our spirits were sky high.

Then, in what seemed like the blink of an eye, it all came crashing down. Almost simultaneously, the entire country started shutting down due to COVID-19. It was the perfect storm for moderate Democrats, intent on once again marginalizing progressives.

Fortunately, PDA was made for this moment. We’re not about to give up the fight, and we need your help. Here’s what we have to do.

It is absolutely essential Bernie wins at least 25% of the delegates to the DNC. If he hits that threshold, progressives will have a seat at the table drafting the Party Platform, and also maintain a strong presence within the DNC over the next few years.

Right now, Bernie is only a few hundred delegates shy of reaching the magic number. So, we have to get on the phone to Ohio where there is a primary in a few days, and let people know how urgent it is for them to vote for Bernie Sanders. The future of the progressive movement hangs in the balance.

To make calls for Bernie this weekend and beyond, reach out to PDA’s Mike Fox.

In the coming weeks, PDA is going to fight as hard as ever to get people to vote for Bernie Sanders in the primaries. Every delegate that Bernie wins helps the progressive movement. Please support PDA in our efforts.


P.S.: Be A Part Of The Political Revolution! Get your We Want Bernie Gear here. We need more progressives in Congress to work with. Support PDA’s work to elect progressives by making automatic monthly gifts to our Win 2020 Victory Fund.