Urgent Action: Stop Manchin’s Zombie Dirty Deal Now!

Dec 13, 2022 | PDA News

Alan Minsky, Executive Director – Progressive Democrats of America

We must Mobilize Now to Stop Manchin’s Dirty Deal yet again.  Call your Senators at 888-997-5380 and demand they vote No to Manchin’s proposed amendment – and join our phonebanks Today and Tomorrow!


We know one thing about the fossil fuel industry (aka Thanatos), they never give up.  If there’s money to be made, they will persist in desroying our planet and devestating frontline communities.

We’ve successfully blocked Manchin twice, but we have to do it again. Sadly, Democratic leadership in the Senate is supporting this horrible amendment that will allow for the fast-tracking of fossil fuel projects. So, we must mobilize now!

Please take one of three actions:

1. Call your Senators at 888-997-5380

2. Join the phonebanks organized by PDA’s partner Food and Water Watch. They are happening today and tomorrow at 4pm ET. Sign up here.

3. If you can’t take either action, Donate here to support PDA’s efforts to preserve humanity’s habitat on this planet and protect frontline communities.