TODAY! Voter Registration Deadlines + Zoom on Grassroots Election Protection & Voting Rights

Oct 5, 2020

In solidarity,

Mike Hersh for the PDA national team.

Tell Your Senators We Need Elections We Can Trust

Support PDA’s Work To End Voter Suppression

Please join us TODAY, Monday October 5th, 5pm ET / 2pm PT For a GRASSROOTS EMERGENCY ELECTION PROTECTION ZOOM

Get the word out! Today is the last day to register to vote in Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Ohio, and Texas—all states with critically important, close elections for President, Senate, and/or House. New Mexico’s deadline is tomorrow, and North Carolina’s is later this week.

Get registered, verify your registration, and help your contacts do the same with the 2020 Voters’ Calendar website:

Join us this afternoon for our latest weekly national grassroots election protection Zoom meeting. Links and phone numbers will be automatically sent when you register here:

If you’ve kept track of this information from previous Zooms, you can use that for today’s (and future) Zooms.

Tell Your Senators We Need Elections We Can Trust

Support PDA’s Work To End Voter Suppression

Pitch In Each Month To Protect Our Elections

The House of Representatives passed legislation called the For the People Act (H.R.1) “To expand Americans’ access to the ballot box, reduce the influence of big money in politics, and strengthen ethics rules for public servants, and for other purposes.”

Tell your Senators to follow suit. Then Email Mike Fox to volunteer with a PDA Campaign and/or the Phone Team.

Please view and share this video from Mimi Kennedy, explaining how you can verify and protect your voting registration.

Please view and share this link to help navigate the maze of regulations and practices to protect voting rights.

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Please sign up here right now to get call-in phone numbers and your unique log-in info:


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We appreciate all you do to support PDA’s election protection efforts. If you’ve never donated to PDA before, now is the perfect time. We need your support more than ever. Click Here to support PDA’s Election Protection Fund with automatic monthly gifts.