This Sunday Town Hall: Focus on Progressive Policy at the State Level. RSVP Now.

Jun 2, 2023 | PDA News

Join us Sunday at 4pm ET/1pm PT for this week’s PDA Town Hall. We’ll hear from two activists working to implement progressive programs in their respective states. They face formidable adversaries, but they’re closer to success than parallel efforts at the federal level. RSVP Now!


As the progressive movement continues to grow in influence across the country, it is important for a national organization like PDA to keep track of how well progressive initiatives are performing in states and localities across the country. That way, we can promote progressive success stories, and, when necessary, learn from the problems that occur.

This week we’ll hear about progressive initiatives in two states: the Oregon Rebate ballot initiative; and Vermont’s universal housing program, funded by pandemic relief money, now coming to an end.

First, we’ll be joined by Antonio Gisbert, one of the lead organizers of the Oregon Rebate Initiative, that is currently collecting signatures to qualify for the 2024 election. The rebate will raise revenue by increasing the minimum tax rate for the biggest corporations doing business in Oregon. That revenue will then be distributed evenly to all Oregonians.  Currently, it’s estimated that every person residing in Oregon will receive $750 annually.

Then, Brenda Siegel is scheduled to return to our Town Hall. Brenda was last with us as a PDA-endorsed candidate for Governor of Vermont in 2022. Now, she has written a powerful article for The Nation about the homeless crisis in Vermont and the willingness of the bi-partisan political establishment to throw thousands of people into the streets who had been living in motels thanks to COVID relief funds. Brenda is fighting to continue that program,that has been a spectacular success.


See you on Sunday.


Alan Minsky for the PDA National Team