They’re Voting In Massachusetts, Help Progressives Win!

Aug 25, 2020

On to bringing the party back to its progressive roots!

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Help Elect Progressive Ihssane Leckey

Pitch In to Re-Elect Sen. Ed Markey

Help Elect Progressive Alex Morse

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A Massive Progressive Wave!


Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) endorsed Ed Markey the first time he ran for the U.S. Senate six years ago, and we’re endorsing him for re-election now. We’ve also endorsed progressive heroes Alex Morse and Ihssane Leckey for Congress.

The Massachusetts primary is next Tuesday, September 1st, and early voting is already underway. We need your help to ensure that these three progressive leaders prevail. If you have time, please volunteer to make get out the vote calls.

Ed Markey has spent his career on the front lines of the fight to create clean energy jobs and combat climate change. He is the lead Senate sponsor of the Green New Deal, and a champion for getting big money out of politics, safeguarding privacy, nuclear non-proliferation, and preserving an open Internet. Pitch in to Help Re-Elect Sen. Ed Markey!

Help Re-Elect Progressive Champion Ed Markey

Help Elect Progressive Champion Alex Morse

Help Elect Progressive Champion Ihssane Leckey

Volunteer To Help PDA Build
A Massive Progressive Wave!

Mayor Alex Morse earned our local and national  endorsements. We at PDA proudly endorsed Alex because he is a progressive champion, has a strong track record of standing for our issues, and will be a welcomed replacement for right-winger Richard Neal who has consistently voted to the right of the district.

Neal has held that seat for over 30 years, and it’s time for this safe Democratic seat to be filled with Alex Morse—a progressive fighter who is responsive to his constituents. Alex was elected the youngest and first openly gay mayor of his home town Holyoke, MA, at 22, has been re-elected 3 times, and now is poised to become a powerful young voice in the U.S. House. Pitch in to Help Us Elect Alex Morse in MA-01!

PDA local, state, and national agree: We need Ihssane Leckey in Congress representing Massachusetts’ 4th District. We feel inspired when she says, “We need leaders who represent our diversity and our courage, who have the lived experiences to lead with compassion, who aren’t afraid to take on corrupt special interests and who know how to get it done.”

Ihssane has the background needed to lead. She explains, “I have lived the struggle other politicians just talk about. My personal experience living through poverty powers my fight to ensure that no one in the richest country in the world is denied basic necessities to live. No one will be a fiercer advocate for working people and the most vulnerable than me.” Give now to help Ihssane win. If you can, volunteer to make election-winning calls.

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