The Uncommitted Option in Tuesday’s Democratic Presidential Primary

Feb 26, 2024 | PDA News

A powerful grassroots movement opposed to the United State’s continued support for Israel’s war in Gaza is calling on Michiganders to Vote “Uncommitted” in Tuesday’s Democratic Presidential primary.


We, at PDA, have not polled our members in Michigan about whether they support the vote “Uncommitted” campaign in Michigan, or any of the primary candidates.  Therefore, we are not officially endorsing in the primary.

However, PDA, like most other progressive organizations around the country and the world, is demanding an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. We oppose any further military support for Israel given the atrocities committed against the people of Gaza.

In other words, PDA’s position on Israel/Gaza aligns with the organizers of the Vote Uncommitted campaign.

Thus, we want every PDA supporter in Michigan to know about the option of voting Uncommitted in the Presidential primary – and what is motivating the campaign.

Please vote your conscience on Tuesday.

You can find more information about the Vote Uncommitted campaign here.

Progressive Democrats of America