Tell the Democratic Party Medicare For All is a Winning Issue!

Jul 20, 2020

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Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) calls on the Democratic Party to face facts. When we champion smart, effective policies the voters will respond with enthusiasm and deliver victories on Election Day, up and down the ballot.

According to exit polls, a significant majority of all Democratic primary voters—88%!— support the adoption of a universal single-payer Medicare for All system. That was even before the COVID-19 crisis.

The COVID-19 pandemic exposed the massive failings of our healthcare system like never before. Now, support for Medicare for All is soaring; with sky-high levels of support among Democrats and a sizable majority among the general public.

Medicare for All will not only be a winning issue in November—it promises to be a landslide-winning issue!

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic produced the greatest public health crisis in recent history, healthcare was the leading issue for Democratic primary voters.

This was due to widespread recognition of the failings of our current system; such as inadequate care, excessive cost, unnecessary bureaucracy, frequent denial of coverage, and constant insecurity.

For the sake of our general welfare, and for defeating Donald Trump and Congressional  Trumpublicans, we call on the Democratic Party to include Medicare for All in the 2020 Democratic Party platform.

Please Click Here to sign the petition: Include Medicare for All in the Democratic Party Platform. Then please share this petition on social media and email.


P.S.: On November 3rd, Americans will choose leadership that will determine the course of our future on healthcare, climate, racial justice, redistricting, and so much more.

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