Take the Poll: Should PDA Support Impeachment Hearings?

Apr 27, 2019

photo: The Constitution of the United States (image from archives.gov)

In solidarity,  Alan Minsky for Deb, Dan, Bryan, Mike F, Shayna, Dr. Bill, Janis, Kimberly, and Mike H—your PDA National Team

Should PDA Support Impeachment Hearings?
Polling Closes 11:59 PM PT Monday April, 29th

Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) invites you to weigh in on our decision-making process. Do you think that PDA should call for Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives to commence with impeachment hearings for President Trump? Please click here to vote: Yes or No.

Note: This is a binding poll. If 60% of respondents support impeachment hearings, that will become PDA’s official policy.

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  1. Jeane

    I am in strong support of impeachment and conviction. Trump more than anyone else needs to be held accountable for his actions and the results of them. He was the PRESIDENT. He was responsibility for upholding the Constatation, he failed profoundly. How and why the question of if Trump should be impeached/convicted is even in existence is mindboggling. How can those who create, implement and enforce the law expect the justice system to be taken seriously when criminals are being broadcast on national television getting away with seditious acts. The fact it was the President makes it fundamentally worse. The justice system is on very shaky ground, the belief Americans held in it is not as strong as it once was, and if those in charge of holding Executive level criminals responsible don’t have what is necessary to follow through, the system is already lost.

  2. Anita Babcock

    Trump needs to be impeached as soon as possible. He is NOT above the law and acts like he wants to be a dictator. He clearly abused his position. He needs to comply and allow people to produce documents and rectify before congress.

  3. John A Sinsabaugh

    Absolutely Trump should not be allowed to get away with all that he has done! He is worse than Nixon!

    • patrick dooley

      The orange turd is guilty