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Apr 5, 2020

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COVID-19 Proves We Need Progressive Solutions
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We at Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) have been saying all along that given the number of delegates still not secured, and the fact that our issues are consistently winning exit polls. Despite the mainstream media’s attempts at burying Bernie’s campaign, the Democratic presidential primary is still far from over.

A great article in Current Affairs last week referencing the Coronavirus Pandemic said, “The Democratic primary is no longer over. This is a historic crisis requiring nothing less than FDR-style ambition and leadership. We’ve got just the guy.” (See * below).

Then The New Yorker followed with “Reality Has Endorsed Bernie Sanders,” outlining Bernie’s platform and approach to governance and the social safety net is exactly what we need in times like these. (See ** below).

Yes, we can still win this. And Bernie beats Trump. If you’re a Bernie supporter, pitch in each month to empower PDA and Bernie’s mass mobilization for progress.


P.S.: Not supporting Bernie for President? No worries, let us know and we can still work together on progressive legislation.

Everything Has Changed Over Night, Current Affairs, March 27, 2020

** Reality Has Endorsed Bernie SandersThe New Yorker, March 30, 2020

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  1. Katy Sauser

    Bernie Sanders needs to win! He is the only one fighting for the 90% in this country!

  2. David Bibb

    Biden is corporate bought and is beholden to them and the 1% Bernie is not

  3. Linda Tolini

    Bernie needs to stay in the race.