Support PDA’s efforts in Florida and Beyond: We Need a Landslide From Coast to Coast

Oct 18, 2020

Onward to victory for us all!
Mike Fox for your PDA National Team


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It is essential for the maintenance of Democracy in America that we defeat Donald Trump on November 3rd.

Once again, Florida is as important as any state in the country in this Presidential election.  All analysts agree that Donald Trump has almost no pathway to victory if he loses in Florida.

Until recently the polls looked very good for the Biden/Harris ticket in the Sunshine State, but this past week they tightened.  This is not a good sign. It is incumbent upon all of us to take action to reverse Trump’s momentum in Florida.

Indeed!  It’s time for all hands on deck for the final push, and no national progressive organization in the country knows Florida better than PDA!

PDA’s Deputy Executive Director Mike Fox, one of the great election campaign organizers in the country, is a Florida native.

There are three ways you can help Mike deliver Florida to the Democrats:

1. E-mail Mike at and signup for a phone bank

2. Make a one-time donation to PDA’s 2020 victory fund – every cent will be put to use to help defeat Donald Trump and lift progressive candidates across the country to victory. 

3. Become a PDA sustainer, which will not only support our work for the next 16 days – it will help us organize to achieve the progressive agenda of a peaceful, inclusive, prosperous middle-class society w/ universal single-payer healthcare and zero carbon emissions!

Thank you so much for anything you can do.

PS:  See a comprehensive list of our endorsed candidates here.