Stand With Striking UAW Workers. Solidarity!

Oct 1, 2019

Show Solidarity: Join a picket line near you !

Photo from a report in the Hill.

In solidarity,  Scott Houldieson – Autoworker, activist and former Vice president of UAW Local 551 – PDA chapter leader – Calumet Region – Northern Indiana

Stand With Striking Workers!


This from PDA Chapter Head Scott Houldieson:

For two weeks now 49,000 members of the United Auto Workers (UAW) have been on strike. Picket lines are up at 53 General Motors plants in nine states.

The issues are clear – and Corporate Greed is number one!

Since getting bailed out by the US taxpayers, along with concessions by UAW members in an effort to save the company, General Motors has profited handsomely. GM emerged from the 2009 bankruptcy crisis with $60 billion in profits. Last year they made $10.8 billion while getting a $104 million tax refund.

The CEO of GM, Mary Barra makes nearly $22 million per year. The average GM worker makes less than $60,000.

What the workers want:

* A commitment not to close the Detroit Hamtramck Assembly plant (GM has already closed factories in Ohio, Maryland. Michigan and other cities).

* Protect and keep current health insurance, GM wants its workers to pay more.

* The UAW wants to stop the abuse of temporary workers. GM pays temporary workers considerably less in wages and benefits, with no retirement or seniority rights.

* As part of the bankruptcy concessions in 2009 UAW workers gave up Cost Of Living Allowance (COLA).  Workers want their COLA back.

UAW workers are on strike in Detroit, Lake Orion, Lansing and Flint Michigan; Spring Hill, Tennessee; Tonawanda, New York; and several other states including, Kentucky, Texas, Missouri, Kansas and Indiana.

Bernie Sanders joined with UAW workers last week. The Senator and PDA-endorsed candidate for president walked the picket line at GM’s Detroit-Hamtramck assembly plant. Talking to workers from the back of a pickup truck, Sanders pointed out the U.S. government’s past bailout of GM, the company’s record profits, and the millions in salary that General Motors CEO Mary Barra receives.

” GM should start investing in its workers and stop closing U.S. plants” Sanders told the striking workers in Detroit.

The Senator continued, “If General Motors thinks that after they treat their workers like crap, they’re going to go to Washington and going to get huge federal contracts, they’ve got another guess coming.”

If you can get in the street with these striking workers, contact Mike Fox right now.

Can’t get in the street?  Then support PDA’S effort nationally to build solidarity with striking workers !