Sen. Sinema, It’s the Filibuster and BBB OR Your Political Future

Oct 7, 2021 | PDA News

In solidarity,
Dan O’Neal and Mike Fox for the PDA National Team

Sen. Sinema: End or Reform The Filibuster and Support President Biden’s “Build Back Better” Agenda or Face a Future Primary Challenger


For months, Arizonans who led the charge in electing Kyrsten Sinema have been pushing her to listen to the voters who put her in office and stop blocking President Biden’s agenda by protecting the filibuster—an unconstitutional, minority veto Senate rule that President Obama himself called a “relic of Jim Crow.”

But Sinema refuses to listen. So it’s time to send a message that she can’t ignore.

Either Senator Sinema votes to end or reform the Jim Crow filibuster this year or we fund a primary challenge to replace her with someone who will.

Pledge a donation to her future challenger if Sinema refuses to back Biden’s agenda and vote to end the filibuster now! Your card will not be charged unless she doesn’t listen. We’re at over $100K!

In the wake of the January 6th insurrection and with our freedom to vote and fair elections under attack in Arizona and across America, our democracy is at stake. Only federal legislation—blocked by the filibuster—can secure it. And on so many other critical issues, from the $15 minimum wage to the Dream Act, from gun violence prevention to workers’ right to organize, police reform, LGBTQ equality, and more, the filibuster stands in the way of life-changing reforms that President Biden and Democrats were elected to deliver. We can’t wait any longer for Senator Sinema to act with the urgency this moment demands and end the filibuster to clear the path for change.

Pledge a donation here. Your card will not be charges unless we’re forced to primary her.

Then please support our in-house efforts to get a progressive version of the reconciliation bill passed along with the vital voting rights legislation.

Finally, if you want to volunteer with the campaigns by making phone calls to fellow PDA folks or supporting street actions, please let us know.