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Nov 16, 2022 | PDA News

In solidarity,
Mike Fox for the PDA National Team


We Must Add To Our Majority in the Senate With a Win for Raphael Warnock. All Hands On Deck, Nationwide!
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Our response to Trump’s announcement?

We’ll crush his run in due time.

But first, we sponge up the last of the midterm’s  Red Ripple with a decisive victory in the runoff for Senate in Georgia. Early voting starts November 28th!

The good news: there’s no question we can do this if the entire country shows solidarity and volunteers and/or donates now. And in the process, we make Sinema and Manchin much less relevant and gain vital committee slots in the Senate.

The challenging news: New election laws in GA are making it harder to vote by mail. Plus it looks like a weekend day of early voting will be dropped. So we must be all the more vigilant in our GOTV efforts.

Join our call Thursday and get energized and organized for this important push to victory! We’ll be discussing Georgia as well as important ballot curing campaigns in other swing districts across the country.

Victory Team Call: Georgia Plus Ballot Curing Elsewhere. (And a little bit of “what about Trump?”)

Thursday, November 17
9pm ET; 8pm CT; 7pm MT; 6pm PT; 5pm AK; 3pm HI
Register here. The machine will email you your secure codes.

Together, we can prove the pundits wrong, AGAIN.

Thanks so much for anything you can do.

Hope to see you Thursday!

In the meantime, volunteer and/or donate now!

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  1. Craig Beauchamp

    This will be the most progressive Congress but still not as progressive as the Grassroots!