Racial Justice Requires Accountability

Jan 26, 2021

In solidarity,

Debra Schrishuhn for the PDA National Team

Unfinished Business: Hold Trump and Elected Officials
Responsible for Their Actions

On January 20, President Biden signed an executive order entitled “Advancing Racial Equity and Support for Underserved Communities Through the Federal Government.” Today President Biden is focusing on racial equity issues, signing more executive orders to address militarization of law enforcement, improve prison conditions and move toward the elimination of private prisons, and formally disavow discrimination against Asian Americans and the Pacific Islander communities.

More than executive orders, however, personnel is policy. With Susan Rice running the White House Domestic Policy Council, Michael Regan nominated to head the Environmental Protection Agency, Marcia Fudge nominated as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, and Deb Haaland nominated as Secretary of the Interior, President Biden is assembling a formidable team capable of dismantling the Trump administration’s shameful legacy of racial divisiveness while addressing inequities and systemic racism embedded in so many areas of our governmental structure.

So we prepare to move forward. At the same time, though, we have unfinished business to attend.

After failing to have millions of votes in majority-Black areas discounted to overturn election results, the former President incited a racist mob to commit violent insurrection on January 6 while members of Congress were trying to certify the Electoral College vote count. He was impeached by the House and is now awaiting trial in the Senate. His enablers, including several Senators and over 100 Representatives, voted—even after the violent attack on Capitol Hill—against certifying the election results, even though over 60 lawsuits have produced no credible evidence of widespread fraud or irregularities.

Unity is only possible after justice. PDA firmly believes that the former President and his enablers must be held accountable for their actions. Tell your Representative to support Rep. Cori Bush’s call to hold House members accountable if they played a role in the insurrection on January 6. Use this easy tool and share with your friends. Contact your Senators to impress upon them that Donald J. Trump must be convicted in the Senate for inciting insurrection as a sitting President. Calls are most effective, but you can email as well here. Support PDA’s efforts to attain racial justice and accountability by donating here.

We cannot root out systemic racism by pretending it does not exist. We cannot support democracy unless we defend it when it is attacked. Those responsible—both the perpetrators of the Capitol Hill insurrection and the elected officials who knowingly lied and egged them on—must be held accountable. Then we as a nation can move forward together.