Progressives Must Win In 2020!

Sep 17, 2019

For a more progressive future, Debra Schrishuhn for Alan, Mike F, Janis, Mike H, Dan, Shayna, Dr Bill, Kimberly, and Bryan—your PDA National Team

Join PDA Supporting Strong Progressive
Candidates Eva Putzova and Marie Newman!


Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) believes it’s not enough to be a Democrat. The Democratic Party spans a huge range of policy positions and economic alliances.

Our opponents are awash in special interest money from big oil, big pharma, big insurance, Wall Street, military contractors, pay day loansharks, for profit prisons, and so on. We will never match them dollar for dollar, but we need to dig deep and donate generously to have a fighting chance.

To save our planet, ensure high quality healthcare for every American, fight income inequality, and end our imperialist wars around the world, we need to elect proud unapologetic Progressive Democrats to the House, the Senate, and the White House next year.

So far this election cycle, Progressive Democrats of America has made three non-incumbent endorsements: For President, Sen. Bernie Sanders (VT). For Congress, Eva Putzova (AZ-01)and Marie Newman (IL-03). And there are more coming soon!

Click here to support PDA’s We Want Bernie Campaign.

Click here to split a gift between Eva and PDA.

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Both Eva and Marie are running against entrenched Democratic incumbents holding centrist, corporate-friendly positions. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) is trying to stifle their campaigns. We can’t let that happen.

We need clear, unapologetically progressive voices on the campaign trail from Maine to Hawai’i and from Alaska to Florida.

PDA is working to recruit and elect Progressive candidates all around the country to fight for clean air and water, for solutions to the Climate Emergency, for expanded and improved Medicare For All, for a living wage, to end wars and occupations, for the inviolability of human rights, and for social, racial, gender and economic justice.

Help PDA support and promote these policies through our advocacy for progressive champions in 2020.

In the coming weeks and months, our list of endorsed candidates will grow as we ramp up operations in anticipation of the 2020 primaries. The primary elections give us our only opportunity to help quality candidates get on the ballot and win elections so they can implement popular, proven, progressive solutions to the challenges we face.

Let’s put our best candidates forward in 2020. Give a gift of $100, $50, $20.20, or $10 to support our Win 2020 Action Fund so PDA can help these and other progressive candidates win primaries and elections next year.


PS: We need your support now more than ever. Click here to pitch in $3, $5, or whatever you can afford to support PDA’s Win 2020 Victory Fund. Join PDA investing to recruit and elect progressive candidates in 2020