Progressive Central 2020 Schedule

Aug 15, 2020

By Alan Minsky, Executive Director – Progressive Democrats of America


Sunday: Aug 16th – 3:00 pm – 5:00 east

3pm – Opening – Progressives and the current Democratic Convention
Host/Moderator – Alan Minsky
Panelist – Jeff Cohen, Paco Fabian, Sen. Nina Turner, Judith Whitmer, Kai Newkirk, Zenaida Huerta (invited)

4pm – Healthcare – Medicare For All
Host/Moderator – Dr Bill Honigman
Panelist – Donna Smith, Dr. Paul Song, Amirah Sequeira NNU, Rose Roach Minnesota Nurses, Sen. Vincent Fort

Monday: Aug 17th 3:00 pm – 5:00 east

3pm – Elections – The Fight to Protect our Democracy
Host/Moderator – Mimi Kennedy
Panelists – Bennie Smith, Andrea Miller, Greg Palast

4pm – The Struggle for Racial Justice in 21st Century America
Host/Moderator – Rodney Sadler
Panelists – Rep. Barbara Lee, Cheryle Renee Moses, Donald Whitehead, Colette Alston, Dr. Willie Keaton, Joel Segal

Tuesday: Aug 18th 3:00 pm – 5:00 east

Wednesday: Aug 19th 3:00 pm – 5:00 east

3pm – Rep.Jim McGovern MA-2
3:10pm – Student Debt/Tuition-free College
Host/Moderator – Meleiza Figueroa, Freedom to Prosper
Panelists – Statement from Rep. Ilhan Omar MN-5, Statement from Rep. Alma Adams NC-12, Professor Chris Newfield UCSB, Dawn Lueck, The Debt Collective, Testimony from Student Debt holder Pam Hunt

4:10pm – Climate Emergency
Host/Moderator – Russell Greene, PDA
Panelists – Anthony Rogers Wright Green New Policy Lead, Climate Justice Alliance; Rev. Lennox Yearwood, President and Founder Hip-Hop Caucus; Katie Thomas, Policy Advisor for Energy and Environment, U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders; Peter Kalmus, Climate Scientist, Author, Activist; Zoe Cina-Sklar, Partnerships Manager, Sunrise Movement; and Senator Ed Markey, MA

Thursday: Aug 20th – 3:00 pm – 5:00 east

3pm – Economics/Labor
Host/Moderator – Alan Minsky, PDA
Panelist – Rep. Grijalva, AZ-3, Prof. Stephanie Kelton, Prof. William Darity, Jr., Joseph Geevarghese Our Revolution, Clem Balanoff Transit Workers Union, Carl Rosen Electrical Workers, Susie Shannon, DNC Poverty Council, Rep. Judy Chu CA-27

4pm – Closing – Building the Progressive Movement into a Winning Movement
Host/Moderator – Alan Minsky, PDA Panelist – Jim Hightower, Michael Lighty, Bill Fletcher Jr, Senator Nina Turner (invited for an encore appearance from Opening Plenary), Jesse Jackson with John Nichols introduced by Steve Cobble, Thom Hartmann, Radio Host, Congressional Candidate Alex Morse MA-1, Congressional Candidate Kara Eastman NE-2, statement from Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson TX-30, Rep. Jamie Raskin MD-8

Plus short videos and statements from Senator Ed Markey, Representative Judy Chu, Representative Jamie Raskin, Representative Alma Adams, Congressional Candidate Marie Newman

Stay tuned for further updates on the schedule.



  1. Bryan Wm. Blakely

    Each and every progressive program in order to be enacted must come to grips question of where will we get the money to pay for them? The answer, plain and simple, is that the rich must pay their fair share of taxes, not just going forward but retroactively going back to the 80’s when Ronald Reagan, et al., instituted the policies that are the root of the fundamental problem in this country: income and wealth inequality. Only by redressing this problem, will we be able to create the revenues needed to fund the programs that the country so desperately needs.

    • George Ripley

      B.W Blakely: “the rich must pay their fair share of taxes”. Everyone should agree to that idea, what is needed is a national discussion about how to determine what is fair.

  2. Cheryl Harris

    The pandemic is the perfect argument why we need government sponsored health care for all. When millions of people are out of jobs employer provided health Insurance doesn’t mean much, does it? There are a lot of sad stories out there to tell.

  3. Michael McKinley

    My top three most do-able policy changes that would change everything:
    1. Medicare for All,
    2. Universal LIVING Income (at least $3,000/month),
    3. Abolish terrorist authoritarian militarized police state (local state federal) designed for social control of democracy in service of property and monopoly.

  4. C Reilly

    Job 1– Get Trump and his destructive gang out of power by voting Biden/Harris in

    Job 2 — Restore social justice to Democratic party values and keep pushing

    • Holly Wells

      Where are the women on the Economics/Labor panels? Am I missing something?

    • Holly Wells

      I’m thinking if we hold all our actions up to these two goals, each of us will be able to clarify “what is mine to do” and charge into action!

  5. fmarsh51

    At this point in history, we do not have two parties – there is the Republican Party, and the Republican-lite party. We must do all we can to restore the socialism to the Democratic Party. We have waited too long to demand Medicare for all, to rescind Citizens United, and to reinstate the Fairness Doctrine.

  6. Marty Muskrat

    Get tRump’s storm troopers out of our communities.

    Prosecute tRump for treason and mass murder.

    Prosecute the Bananarepublican Party as a RICO!

  7. I. Engle

    Mandatory: Spread this Message! Tell Everyone Nationwide to hand deliver Ballots to their County Clerks due to the republican destruction of the USPS!

    • Carol

      EXACTLY %!!!

  8. Karen Paulson

    I know that Vice President Joe Biden was not coming because of the Pandemic. Did Joe change his mind? He really needs to be here.

    • Carol

      He’d want to be here if he knows what’s good for him!!!

  9. Elizabeth Rosenthal

    How to get Biden and the Democrats to advocate for Medicare for All

    • Carol

      It’s going to be tough…but we must persist!!!