Progressive Betsy Sweet Can Defeat Susan Collins in Maine

Oct 29, 2019

In solidarity,  Alan Minsky for Mike F., Mike H., Dan, Janis, Deb, Dr. Bill, Kimberly, and Bryan—your PDA national team.

PDA Endorses Progressive Champion
Betsy Sweet for U.S. Senate in Maine


Betsy Sweet is running to become a U.S. Senator from Maine. She received 90% support in Progressive Democrats of America (PDA)’s endorsement poll. The PDA National Election Team reviewed Sweet’s questionnaire, and is also very enthusiastic about her candidacy.

It is absolutely essential that the Democratic Party win control of the U.S. Senate away from Mitch McConnell in 2020. For that to happen, we must flip the Maine Senate seat next year.

Republican Susan Collins is more-than-vulnerable, following her disgraceful support for Brett Kavanaugh. That’s why we endorsed Betsy Sweet in this key battleground.


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Betsy is a pioneering progressive activist who listens and brings people together to turn bold ideas into change that helps those who need it most. She is one of the two front runners for the nomination and she is a true progressive champion! 

In contrast to her moderate Democratic opponent, Betsy is an outspoken advocate for Medicare for All, strong environmental policies, and has statewide name recognition from her days as a lead advocate for Maine’s groundbreaking Clean Money statute.

Betsy was a prominent advocate for Maine’s groundbreaking Clean Election Act, and she’s championed public financing, instant runoff / ranked choice voting etc. She’s run statewide before, and has an energized base of support. She is committed to running a clean campaign, accepting no corporate donations.

Betsy is a lifelong feminist organizer, which makes her the perfect foe for Susan Collins. Most importantly, Betsy is perfectly in line with the progressive spirit that is sweeping the Democratic Party. Indeed, the two great Progressive Senators vying for the Presidential nomination hail from the same region as Betsy. New England is ready for a third brilliant Progressive Senator, Betsy Sweet.

Betsy’s moderate opponent, Sara Gideon, is supported by the Democratic establishment and their deep pockets. She’s facing a funding disadvantage but, with your support, Betsy can prevail! Please donate generously to her campaign and PDA’s efforts on her behalf.


P.S.: The 2020 election cycle is starting. Join PDA investing to recruit and elect progressives in 2020.


  1. Alice James

    Somehow she needs more forums to support her…very likable,
    Needs more heavy-duty endorsements?

  2. Priscilla Payne

    I am supporting Betsy Sweet. At least she addresses the issues and I do not see that coming from the other female candidate!

  3. Austin

    Love the idea of having Senator Sweet! She needs the support here in district 2! Farmington and Orono have strong liberal populations that would back her in a primary if they knew about this primary! Please help more with getting the word out in Maine!!