Preserving and Strengthening Democracy Must Remain a Top Priority for All Democrats

Jan 20, 2022 | PDA News

In solidarity,

Alan Minsky for the PDA National Team


The Democratic Party Must Live Up to its Name and be Democracy’s Unwavering Champion


The lesson of yesterday’s debate on voting rights in the U.S. Senate is crystal clear: Democracy is in peril in America. One party is hellbent on altering election rules, wherever they have the power to do so, in order to achieve their desired results, while the other party is too divided to stop them.  

This cannot continue. Going forward, the Democratic Party must have complete unity on voting rights, and only endorse candidates who view the sanctity of every person’s right to vote in fair elections as a bedrock top priority.

In other words, no more Manchins and Sinemas.

Upon adopting this position, Democrats can bring their case to the American people: do you want to live in a democratic society of equals? Or a country with unfair elections, designed to secure permanent minority rule? 

Given that choice, we have to believe that the American people will do the right thing.

Progressive Democrats of America has always called for the adoption of the best democratic practices for all elections across the country.

And we need more Members of Congress who believe this as well.

Please contribute all you can to to our victory fund as we support fighters for Democracy.  

Can’t give money? Then please give some time.

Thanks so much for anything you can do.

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  1. Danielle Greene

    Yeah for Progressive Democrats of America!