PDA Weekly Review and Preview for 3-25-23. Join us!

Mar 25, 2023 | PDA Blog

Much Done, and Much More to Do:
Here’s How We Can All Help Bring Home Wins


Yet another busy week in PDALand.

In addition to combating attacks on the social safety net and standing with labor for a living wage and healthcare for all, for justice for Trump and his insurrectionists, and for peace at home and abroad, our sister organization is laser focused on bringing home progressive victories in the Wisconsin Supreme Court race, the Chicago Mayor’s race, and in other local elections across the country between now and April 4.

Please consider picking one or more of these actions/projects, and let’s make some noise together. We need you in the game today!

1) Progressive Virtual Town Hall Sunday: We Continue to Grow the Progressive Movement. Featured Guest: Award-winning Actress, Activist, and PDA Board Member Mimi Kennedy, live from our Tucson Chapter’s 11th Anniversary Celebration. (If you’re in Tucson, contact Mike Fox to get a ticket to the live event). We’ll discuss actions and elections taking place around the country and how you can be a part of a thriving PDA chapter locally. You’ll leave energized and organized. RSVP here.

2) Join the National Phone Team. Sign up with this juggernaut and make a real difference an hour here, an hour there, on your schedule. Sign up here, let us know what day you can set an hour aside, and we’ll get you cookin’ calling fellow PDA folks. We’ll make sure you’re doing something easy but productive!

3) Become a local Congressional Office Liaison. Work with others in your area to promote progressive legislation. Sign up here and we’ll get you all the training you need to be successful.

4) For “Clicktivists”:



Thanks so much for anything you can do.

In solidarity,

Mike Fox for the PDA National Team

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  1. Mary Alice Bisbee

    How about supporting Jayapal’s new healthcare bill and Ro Khanna’s bill limiting the word Medicare for usage only for traditional government supervised health insurance and not for Medicare Advantage. Progressives must be interested in providing universal publicly financed and privately administered healthcare for All and cutting out the middlemen, Wall Street investors, insurance companies and ACO’s like OneCare VT.