PDA Takes Action to Address the Climate Emergency

Aug 27, 2020

In solidarity,
Alan Minsky for Deb, Janis, Dr. Bill, Dan, Bryan, Kimberly, Donna, Mike F., and Mike H.– your PDA National Team

August’s PDA Letter Drop to Congress features Powerful Climate Legislation – Sign up Here


One of the largest hurricanes in US history slammed into the Texas and Louisiana coast last night – with the eye of the storm passing a few miles from the largest oil refinery in the country.

Megafires rage across the desiccated Western half of the country, while California records its hottest two week stretch this century.

The horrific effects of global warming are here. PDA understands that inaction is not an option; we’re stepping up and demanding that society change course immediately.

This month’s PDA letter drop features two exceptional pieces of legislation that address the root cause of the climate emergency, the fossil fuel industry: We’re asking members of Congress to co-sponsor Rep. Barragán’s and Senator Merkley’s ReWind Act that prohibits the bailout of the Fossil Fuel Industry during the COVID crisis; also, we’re asking them to sign onto Rep. Omar’s and Senator Sanders’ brand new End Polluter Welfare Act of 2020, which would save $150 Billion over the next decade by eliminating direct Federal subsidies to the industry that are destroying our habitat.  (See letters here.)

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