PDA Press Statement On Reproductive Rights

May 6, 2022 | Press Release

The PDA National Team

Progressive Democrats of America is outraged but not surprised by the Supreme Court draft opinion essentially overturning Roe v. Wade. As written, this opinion overturns nearly 50 years of precedent, clearing the way for even more egregious incursions on human and civil rights in the U.S. It lays bare the raw political predispositions of our judicial system, vastly increases healthcare inequities, and once again relegates women to second-class status as citizens and residents.

Furthermore, we understand that the razor-thin Democratic majorities in Congress are insufficient either to pass reformative legislation or to remove the filibuster, necessary for Senate passage, and so-called pro-choice Republicans lack the political courage to augment those majorities.

Clearly, our judicial system is in need of serious reform. Just as clearly, a woman’s bodily autonomy must be codified into law. Both remedies require political courage and determination beyond the abilities of the current Congress.

Therefore, we resolve to redouble our efforts to elect bold progressive champions to serve in the 118th Congress in order to expand the current Democratic majorities with leaders who will stand up for women’s rights, for healthcare equity, and for all of the human rights this decision brings into jeopardy.


  1. pat

    bette midler nailed it :

    “what do you call creatures not in control
    of their own reproduction?


  2. Mimi kennedy

    Yes. Exactly.