PDA Calls for a National Coordinator to Oversee Vaccine Distribution

Jan 4, 2021

Contact: Alan Minsky, Executive Director PDA




PDA Calls for a National Coordinator to Oversee Vaccine Distribution

Vaccine Distribution is an Urgent National Priority.

We Need an FDR-inspired Response.

Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) calls upon Congress and the incoming Biden Administration to appoint one person to oversee the National Distribution of COVID-19 vaccines to all American citizens and residents.  This person must have the full resources of the U S Federal Government at their disposal in order to organize the universal distribution of the vaccine in the shortest time frame possible.

The news stories from the past few days documenting the disorganization of the national vaccine operation are appalling.  These reports testify to a level of mismanagement that is facilitating the continued spread of the pandemic, leading to tens-of-thousands of unnecessary deaths when a cure is already available.

It should be obvious to everyone that nothing – absolutely nothing – is more important than the efficient, rapid distribution of these vaccines. More lives hang in the balance than during any period in U S history; and yet there seems to be tacit acceptance of ongoing incompetence. That must end immediately.

Continued negligence will result in mass death.  This is morally unacceptable. Much as parents are guilty of homicide if they abandon an infant without the food and shelter they are responsible for providing; the Federal Government is culpable as the only institution capable of distributing these vaccines, which are now necessary for survival.

With President Trump and the 116th Congress having deprived state and local governments of the funds necessary for them to oversee vaccine distribution; the Federal Government must now take full control of the process.

To do so, we need one person put in charge of the operation – one person who is accountable to the American people, President-elect Biden, and Congress. Every major department of the Executive branch is led by one person. We need the same structure of accountability for vaccine distribution, the single-most important national project at this historic moment.

This may seem like an odd point of intervention for an organization like PDA; but, remember, PDA wants a Democratic Party in the tradition of Franklin Roosevelt (updated, of course, for the 21st Century). FDR took office at the height of the great depression. Immediately he created sweeping national projects from scratch that put the country back to work. A few years later, the same Administration mandated the entire re-configuration of American industry in a matter of months; and built the greatest armament program in human history that won World War II and defeated fascism.

The FDR Administration was government in the service of the American people in a time of need. That is the example we must follow.  Joe Biden frequently refers to FDR. Now is the time to lead like FDR.

With the spectacular communication and transportation technology that is available today, far more powerful than anything in FDR’s time, we should be able to achieve this one essential program in a matter of weeks not months. Let’s get to it.

What has happened during this pandemic has been a stain on the soul of the nation.  Congress and the incoming Administration can waste no more time. Appoint one person to direct a complete national mobilization to distribute the vaccines, which will save hundreds-of-thousands of lives and help renew the soul of our nation.

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  1. Jason Small

    Plain and simple, we obviously cannot count on the current leadership to distribute vaccines fairly, so this must be done.
    Very sincerely,
    Jason Small