One Day to Go: Calling All Hands on Deck. For the People! For the Planet! For Victory!

Nov 2, 2020

By Donna Smith, Executive Director – Progressive Democrats of America

Help Support the Biggest Electoral Mobilization in PDA’s History!



Too often in recent years the Democratic Party has not fought with the same resolve as their foes.

That is different in 2020 – because now the Party has a massive, energetic progressive base – and we fight to win!

We recognize that Donald Trump and the Republican Party stand for the obliteration of American democracy–for the maintenance of white supremacy, the continued expansion of fossil fuels, and their own narrow self-interest. They are the antithesis of democracy; they are an authoritarian death cult.

We understand that a victory by Joe Biden will not in itself deliver what we are ultimately fighting for: a prosperous, anti-racist, pro-labor middle-class society with zero carbon emissions and universal single-payer health care.

However, we also understand that a victory by Joe Biden over Donald Trump will deliver what we need: the preservation of democracy and the expulsion from office of a power-crazy President whose irrationality is a mortal danger to us all.

We cannot, and will not, make the same mistake that the left and the center-left made in Germany in the 1930s.

Today and tomorrow – and in the hours after the polls close – we stand in full solidarity with our allies to defeat Trump and 21st-century fascism.

The better world that we will build together depends on it. Everything is at stake.  Join Us!  Support our victory fund!


PS: After you’ve made sure your ballot is in and all of your friends have voted, join a peaceful rally near you on Wednesday, Nov. 4th to protect the vote and make sure all votes are counted.


  1. Sudi Farokhnia

    Where is the nearest protest organized by PDA?