MFA and COVID19 Update – August 22, 2021

Aug 23, 2021 | PDA Blog

By Dr. Bill Honigman, Healthcare Human Rights, Coordinator – Progressive Democrats of America

This week, world cases of #COVID19 were up by another 9.5 million reported new cases, that’s about the same as last week’s rise in cases, and total global deaths rose by only 68 thousand, a decrease of 14,000 from last week’s rise.  Case numbers are still rising in the US and Turkey, and the UK saw a slight rise this week, but seemingly numbers were still leveling or declining everywhere else in the advanced and highly populated countries of the world.  And vaccinations continue at less than 1% per week globally, with an estimated 24.4% of the total world population now vaccinated.

The US, as the only advanced country in the world to not have Universal Healthcare, where all of the people get all of the care, and not provide Healthcare as a Human Right, as we know in deference to commercial corporate interests which siphon off a full third of every Healthcare dollar spent here to waste, fraud, and abuse, for nothing more than political reasons, continues shamefully as the world leader in COVID19 deaths, and has now fallen behind most of those advanced countries in COVID19 vaccination rates as well.  

This week the US has reported 7,049 new COVID deaths.  That’s up from 4,588 from last week, or an average now of about 1,007 lives lost here per day, with a total US COVID death toll now at 628,100.  That now gives us an estimated total of 251,240 US COVID preventable deaths, according to the monumental report of the Lancet Commission Study published last February, if we had a #SinglePayer expanded and improved #MedicareForAll system in place to deal with all of this.

Our vaccination rate per capita, as mentioned, has fallen behind most of the other wealthier countries of the world, and according to CNN’s tracking, the US is right behind Cuba now with 108 vaccines per every 100 Americans, compared to 109 vaccines per every 100 Cubans.

As the Delta variant continues its deadly rampage especially among the as yet unvaccinated, including now among children newly re-entering society for the sake of their unimpeded education and development with in-person learning, the big news this week here in the US was that the White House expects to begin advocating for an 8-month booster vaccine beginning by the middle of next month.  This advisement would appear to have had less scientific than practical bases for its pronouncement, with released studies concluding only that apparent decline in conferred immunity, from at least the mRNA vaccines, could result in especially the more vulnerable older and more exposed frontline workers being made seriously more at risk once again as they were early in the disastrous first months of the original COVID wave before vaccines were implemented.

If nothing else, this prompting by the Biden administration allows a degree of cover for some continued “vaccine nationalism”.  That’s not a good thing of course in terms of our goal as a responsible member of the global community, with respect to the fact that a virus knows no borders.  

And perhaps of consequence, is the fact that as yet vaccine hesitant Americans might possibly now see themselves even further behind in the process of getting with the rest of the herd to take responsible personal action, and at least might not have to end up being one of those poor victims begging for a vaccine after being admitted to the ICU and about to be placed on a ventilator, when of course by that time its hopelessly too late.

And just one more newsworthy note on the state of the pandemic here in the US, is this mass realization now that certain anti-mask and vaccine personas it turns out are very publicly being showcased as personal profiteers in the downstream treatment options for unprevented COVID19.  Isn’t that an obvious conflict of financial if not moral interest?  If you own significant stock interests in monoclonal antibody pharmaceuticals, or accept donations from those who do, shouldn’t you recuse yourself from any public comments regarding any public health measures that might prevent the need for that drug?

If you had an ounce of decency, Rand Paul and Ron DeSantis, you would.

Which brings me to one final outlook on the pandemic for the week, and the need for Medicare for All now, before any more needlessly suffer and die?

Michael Gerson alluded to it in an OpEd in the Washington Post especially well this week when he said, “Selling the lives of your fellow citizens to a foreign power is treason. What is the proper description of selling the lives of your fellow citizens to a crazed political interest group…[and] knowingly taking actions that undermine public health is properly called sabotage, as surely as putting anthrax in the water supply?  So maybe that’s the right word: saboteurs.”

So, removing these murderers, thieves, profiteers, and saboteurs from their places of public power and influence must remain our charge and raison de vivre.


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