Meet PDA’s Endorsed Candidates; and Support the Ones in Close Races!

Oct 14, 2020

In solidarity,

Alan Minsky for the PDA National Team


Support PDA’s Efforts to Elect Progressives Across the Country and Defeat Donald Trump


PDA’s list of endorsed Congressional Candidates is nearing completion. We’ve endorsed 54 brilliant progressive candidates in three categories: 30 incumbent members of Congress; 19 challengers; and five Senate candidates.

Check out the entire group here.

Of course, when we ask you to support a candidate, we want you to put your effort and money where it matters most. A number of these candidates face very close races, and we will be focusing on these candidates over the next three weeks..

To get the ball rolling here are three great candidates, one from each of the above categories who can use any support you can provide because they are in razor close races against well-funded Republican opponents:

Katie Porter in CA-45 is one of the new progressive superstars in Congress, so the GOP wants nothing more than see her defeated, as they try to reclaim the previous Republican stronghold of Orange County in Southern California. Support Katie’s campaign with a donation or by making phone calls into her district.

Dana Balter in NY-24 is a true progressive running neck and neck against incumbent John Katco in Upstate New York. Dana has a great opportunity to unseat Katco and show the people of her district what it means to have representation in Washington working on their behalf not for the powerful few. Support Dana’s campaign with a donation or by making phone calls into her district.

Jaime Harrison is running one of the most inspirational campaigns in the country as he tries to unseat Lindsay Graham to become the first non-conservative Democratic Senator from South Carolina since… well, maybe ever. This would truly be a historic victory!  Support Jaime’s campaign with a donation or by making phone calls into South Carolina


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  1. Janice

    Is there a reason PDA is not endorsing freshman House Democrat Mike Levin in CA-49th? He has signed on as endorsing the Green New Deal, MediCare for All, and impeaching Trump. He is an environmental lawyer and has put his freshman term to great use for many projects, including bringing together a large group to issue a promising plan for dealing with nuclear waste at San Onofre. He is being challenged by a well-funded far right Republican, Bryan Maryott. CA-49 was Darryl Issa’s district for *18* years before voters elected Levin in 2018. Surely, if PDA can endorse Ammar Campa-Najjar, who recently blew the tie he had with Darryl Issa – *who has come out of retirement to try to keep CA-50 in Republican hands since Duncan Hunter was convicted* – by saying the Green New Deal and MediCare for All were problematic when he (Campa-Najjar) appeared on a far right online program (which he did apologize for shortly afterwards), surely PDA can endorse Mike Levin. Of course we need to support Campa-Najjar but he needs close watching. Levin meanwhile has a proven progressive track record. Don’t misunderstand me on Campa-Najjar: of course we need to do everything possible to have him win over Issa. I myself am donating to his campaign. All I’m saying is why not endorse Mike Levin in the 49th as well? For more info on the error Campa-Najjar made see