Meet Neal Walia, another nationally endorsed PDA Congressional Candidate

Apr 12, 2022 | PDA News, Press Release

In solidarity,
Mike Fox for the PDA national team


Neal Walia is a Progressive Champion!


Neal grew up hearing of his parents’ journey  from their beginnings as service industry workers to their current careers as educators, teaching him what is possible when all people are given the opportunity to succeed.

Suffering racist attacks after 2011, Neal personally felt the need for a progressive platform that addresses the needs of all Americans. 


He supports Expanded and Improved Medicare For All, the Green New Deal, the 21st-Century Economic Bill of Rights, peace, and all of our other platform issues.

So we’re asking all of our activists nationwide to donate what you can right now to support a win in CO-01.

If we win this primary, it’s a safe Democratic District, so we’ll be sending another Squad Member to DC!

Please donate and/or volunteer now!