Meet Maxwell Alejandro Frost: Another great progressive congressional candidate

Mar 3, 2022 | PDA News

In solidarity with a Maxwell victory,
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Maxwell Alejandro Frost is young. He’s passionate. He’s very progressive. He and his campaign are phenomenally hard working. And when you hear him speak, you cannot help but be inspired.

Incredibly, he is leading in fundraising in a multi-person Democratic Primary, doubling the rest of the pack as of this writing, without taking money from corporations!

He’s been on the front lines of the civil rights battle. He’s been beaten by cops, tear-gassed, and jailed for those efforts.

He’s been a national organizer with the ACLU where he organized for Florida’s fight to win Amendment 4, restoring voting rights to over 1.6 million Floridians, and worked to get President Biden’s support to abolish the Hyde Amendment that limits abortions for millions of people.

Then as organizing director for March For Our Lives — one of the largest youth political movements, in this case focusing on battling gun violence —  he ran Get Out The Vote efforts that helped hold the House, and win the Senate and the Presidency.

And now he’s running for congress.

We’re proud and excited to endorse Maxwell’s campaign for FL-10, and are looking forward to making lots of noise on his behalf, from all over the country.

What you can do right now: donate and/or volunteer.

What you can do Sunday: join our weekly progressive town hall where he’ll be a featured guest.

Thanks so much for anything you can do.

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  1. Jim Langford

    I guess I’m first in line. Have been inspired by Maxwell since the first time I spoke with him. He’s remarkable!