Lots of News this Week Keeping PDA Busy: Become a PDA Monthly Sustainer

Aug 6, 2023 | PDA News

Lots of News this Week Keeping PDA Busy: Become a PDA Monthly Sustainer

As more charges and a third indictment roll in, Donald Trump’s legal exposure mounts and his troubles suck up (nearly) all the oxygen in the news. Too many reports treat it as a story about Donald Trump rather than the rule of law. The system is working. No one is above the law.

Not Above the Law rally at St. Petersburg, FL, with coalition of PDA and St. Pete for Change, 8/3/2023

Not Above the Law rally at St. Petersburg, FL, withvcoalition of PDA and St. Pete for Change, 8/3/2023[/caption]

  • Justin Pearson and Justin Jones, ousted from the Tennessee state legislature for minor rules infractions while protesting gun policy, were reelected by landslides in special elections;
  • Texas’ controversial abortion ban continues to be challenged in court;
  • Threats of a coming recession have been overblown;
  • President Biden is on the verge of protecting 1.1 million acres of public lands from uranium mining as Baaj Nwaavjo I’tah Kukveni Grand Canyon National Monument;
  • Ron DeSantis and his circle doubled down on the despicable claim that slavery held benefits for the enslaved;
  • Unemployment decreased to 3.5% as hourly wages climbed over 4% from a year ago;
  • Asylum restrictions on the U.S.-Mexico border will remain in place while legal battles continue;
  • U.S credit was downgraded from AAA to AA+ in part because of partisan gridlock and the Jan. 6 insurrection, indicating political instability;
  • Strikes by writers and actors continue even as a contract agreement averted a Teamsters strike.

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