Lila Garrett – RIP

Feb 2, 2020

Alan Minsky for Mike Fox, Dan, Janis, Deb, Dr. Bill, Donna, Kimberly, and Bryan—your PDA national team.

Long time Anti-War activist, TV screenwriter, and PDA National Advisory Board Member died on Saturday. Lila was born in 1925, she was 94 years old.

Lila was a television screenwriter and radio host. She wrote for the sitcoms The Second Hundred Years,  My Favorite Martian, All in the Family and Bewitched. She co-wrote with Bernie Kahn and Stu Billett the 1971 Disney TV movie The Barefoot Executive.

An anti-war activist, Garrett’s political engagement includes founding Americans Against War with Iraq, serving as a DNC delegate for presidential candidate Michael Dukakis, presiding as President over the South California chapter of the Americans for Democratic Action and becoming a founding member of Progressive Democrats of America.

For years Lila hosted KPFK’s Connect the Dots on Pacifica Radio in Los Angles. She interviewing left-leaning activists and often closing her show with “The arms industry has neither allies nor enemies, only customers.” Garrett is also frequent contributor to the online magazine LA Progressive.

The PDA family, practically those in Southern California who knew her so well are going to miss her . Lila Garrett PRESENTÉ !


  1. harvey wasserman

    hey lila…let’s go to dinner!!

    hope you’re having fun in the cosmos. give ’em hell and then come back, will you? we beyond miss you!!!

    no nukes/4 solartopia….sluggo

  2. Terence Dicks

    Thank you SISTER for all your Sacrifice
    And Hard work May you Rest in PEACE!

  3. Bryan Buchan

    One of my favorite people from the Kucinich campaign days, and a great friend, you will be missed Lila.

  4. Eugene Barufkin

    May the lessons of your Socialist farther, (my farther-in-law), and those you learned and professed so well, live on forever. Farewell my valiant step-sister.
    Us both, originally from NYC.

  5. Marianne Hart

    I listened to Lila for years and will miss her very much.She stayed active for so long and was a wonderful role model.

  6. Manuel Barrientos

    Lila you sparked something in our lives we didn’t always realize was there. Thank you for everything you’ve done. You may Rest In Peace. The fight is ours to continue your legacy with your strength at will. Thank you again.

  7. Llauren Peralta

    Thank you for connecting me to history!!!!! What a meaningful life you lived.

  8. Barbara R Chavez-Rock

    RIP to a beautiful soul. We will miss your voice, Lila.

  9. Mike Fox

    We continue the struggle in your name, Lila.

  10. Steven Cobble

    Hey, Lila, thanks for your lifetime of activism.
    Tell Tim we all said hi…

    • Cheryl Markham

      Thank you Lila for a lifetime of visionary ideas & for sharing your wisdom with many of us. We will miss you . May you Rest In Peace.

      Cheryl & Jim Markham

    • Darwin h saunders

      Lila was an irreplaceable voice of conscious reasoning & political activism. We will miss her humor & intelligence dearly.