Just in time for Indictment Eve — Jared Kushner & Michael Moore

Oct 30, 2017

By Donna Smith, Executive Director – Progressive Democrats of America

Just thought you might enjoy this Sunday evening photo and story — on the eve of a much anticipated federal indictment for someone associated with something associated with the Robert Mueller investigation. This has nothing to do with any of that, unless of course, one of the men pictured ends up being indicted tomorrow.

I saw this photo weeks weeks ago when looking back through my photos from the SiCKO premiere in NYC.  At that time in 2007, I didn’t know who the heck Jared Kushner was other than some rich guy who Michael Moore invited to our party.  There were lots of rich guys and gals there — including Harvey Weinstein. No one paid us much mind, as we were there as subjects from the film and guests of Michael’s.  Most of those attending seemed pretty familiar  with one another, but that’s just personal observation. I felt awkward and as if my clothes were suddenly too cheap for the room. Actually, it was scary.

So, what does it matter if Kushner and Moore share tastes in film?  it doesn’t to me, but that wasn’t the draw.  The allure was and always is the money. Kushner’s money? Weinstein’s money? Moore’s money? Imagine the wealth in that room that night. Who knows what deals were struck that night or which deals were nixed.  Only those at that level will ever know that. It’s the entertainment and movie-making business, not politics, not progressive policy-making, after all.  i only remember feeling so out of place, as if I might be in their way somehow.  Everyone seemed uncomfortable — subjects, celebrities, business people and their guests.

Does any of this matter at all to our work with PDA?  Not really. Michael Moore is a great guy. We are blessed to have him among our crowd.  When Donald Trump takes him on with a Twitter-tantrum, he attacks a man trying to use his success, wealth and fame to inspire us all to understand, imagine and work for a better nation and world.  If that were true for more people, we would be in better shape.  We stand in solidarity with our advisory board member, Michael Moore, even as Trump tweets insults his way.  We were honored to send many people to see Michael’s Broadway show that closed as scheduled last Sunday. Just this past week, TV host Laura Flanders told me she had been to the show and really enjoyed it.  Trumps goofy tweets about that show seemed pretty goofy for a president to be doing. But these are the times we live in.

Whether you are anxious to know about the indictment coming or not, we know we are under no illusions about the the fights ahead to resist the ongoing attacks on our basic human rights and with the prospects for saving our planet from climate disaster or never-ending war.  Nor are we under any illusions about the need to insist on the integrity and policy positions of elected officials in order to move confidently forward toward justice and equality for all.  No matter what happens this week or next, PDA must be prepared for the struggle.  We need your donations now more than we ever have before to meet the increased need for materials and hours of work by a small, underpaid staff.

Please help out.  If you’re willing to hit the phones from home, or hit the street, contact and he’ll get you connected.  Or, contribute to our efforts financially.  Either way your efforts will be effective, and appreciated.

Together we are stronger, and this is no time for weakness.

Thank you.

Donna Smith