Join PDA on Tuesday for a Climate Emergency Strategy Session and Screening

Nov 24, 2020

Hope to see you tonight!

Alan Minsky for the PDA National Team

Support PDA’s Efforts to Save the Earth’s Climate and Stop the Line 3 Pipeline

On Tuesday PDA is hosting a special free screening of the exceptional new documentary film “I Am Greta” at 8pm EST / 5pm PST—please RSVP here.

After the film, there will be a climate emergency strategy session hosted by PDA Executive Director Alan Minsky and PDA’s Senior Strategic Advisor on Climate Russell Greene. Alan and Russell will be joined by Australian journalist and activist David Spratt, one of the world’s leading voices in the climate emergency movement.

We will be discussing what the scientific reality of climate change requires of humanity, and why the fate of humanity effectively rests in the hands of progressives in the United States and around the world.

PDA accepts this reality and the responsibility that comes with it. The United States and the world must transform energy systems ASAP. Have no illusions—only progressives are pursuing policies that match what the science says is necessary.

Simply put, this is a struggle that progressives have to win.

Please support PDA’s efforts to transform America’s national energy policy.

During the post-film discussion we will be discussing the developing struggle, led by Indigenous people in Minnesota, to stop the construction of Line 3—another pipeline designed to bring Canadian Tar Sands Oil into the United States. James Hansen, the man whose congressional testimony in the 1980s was instrumental in introducing the global warming crisis to the world, has said that if the tar sands are developed it’s “game-over” in the struggle to avert a climate catastrophe.

We must mobilize now to stop Line 3 and stall Tar Sands development.

Join PDA in that struggle by volunteering and donating, and join us Tuesday evening for the special PDA screening of “I Am Greta.”


  1. Alan Minsky

    We appreciate everyone who has written to us about tonight’s scheduled event. We just posted this announcement on Twitter:

    We, at PDA, apologize to the indigenous communities in Minnesota who are leading the struggle against the Line 3 oil pipeline. We had decided to highlight their struggle at the end of our screening of the film I Am Greta this evening. We did so with the intention of raising awareness about this struggle among PDA members. We announced this announced this planned discussion in today’s national e-mail, which included a fundraising ask. We did all of that without consulting with the frontline communities, which we should have done. Therefore we are cancelling that aspect of tonight’s event. However, we will donate all funds raised tonight to the indigenous frontline communities fighting Line 3. We will also consult with these communities about organizing a national town hall on the Stop Line 3 movement in the coming days.

  2. Margaret

    How exactly will this “Line 3 fundraiser” support the movement to stop Line 3?

  3. nancy S.

    Please reach out to the First Peoples in the area and follow their lead in stopping this black snake.

  4. al

    it sounds like there wasn’t any consultation with the actual frontline folks though:

    “1. Someone sends me this ‘Line 3 fundraiser’.
    2. Zero consultation w/the people of the territory Line 3 poses to harm.
    3. I message director, ask them to cancel, rethink & do event in a good way.
    4. They proceed w/a non-Native NGO rep.”