Join Our Free Showing Of “The Facility”. Documentary about ICE Horrors.

Feb 9, 2021

Hope to see you Thursday!

Donna Smith and Mike Fox for Susan and the rest of the PDA Colorado Team

Join Our Virtual Screening/Discussion Of The Documentary The Facility,

Thurs., 9pm ET, 8pm CT,  7pm MT, 6pm PT


You are invited. Even more than that: you are encouraged to attend and invite others.

In a rare opportunity to speak to the filmmakers documenting some of the most troubling issues still happening in the U.S. as the pandemic rages and we all try to recover from four years of chaos and damage.

Remember the immigrants? Remember the detention centers and the deplorable conditions within? But do you know what is happening in communities all over the country?

Join the Denver/Colorado Chapter of PDA as we host, The Facility.

The Facility is a documentary about Aurora, Colorado’s GEO ICE facility, a private, for-profit immigrant detention center.

Hear stories from detainees and family members, as they fight for their release.

Watch the trailer here.

Join our webinar to find out how you can make a difference and can help to bring about necessary change in our immigration system.

Thursday, February 11
9pm Eastern; 8pm Central; 7pm Mountain, 6pm Pacific

Jeremy Flood, Director of The Facility
Austin Bedell, Director of Photography of The Facility
Juan Marcano, Aurora City Council Member
Nicholas Bottinelli, Ambassador for Casa de Paz
Erik Garcia, Director of Organizing and Membership, CIRC -Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition
Donna Smith, Advisory Board Chair, PDA- Progressive Democrats of America
Dr. Nancy Hernández moderator, Director, Pre-Collegiate Support and Success Center UCCS ( PDA member)

Space is limited so email Susan to get your registration link.