How Does A Four Dollar Increase Help Social Security Recipients?

Dec 22, 2016

By Guest host Alex Lawson, Executive Director of Social Security Works, in for Thom Hartmann

Guest host Alex Lawson, Executive Director of Social Security Works, speaks with caller Lee, who received a $4 dollar increase in her Social Security benefits.


  1. Regi Bald

    These “increases” must be tiered; I received notice from SS showing the gross v. net and nothing changed. Except for the cost of our daily living!

  2. Karen W

    My best friend just told me this week that her increase was $2 per month. Meanwhile, the cost of living keeps going up and up!

  3. Pamela Meyers

    I, too received a $4 “raise” but it was eaten by Medicare! Why do Government workers, especially politicians, receive raises, yet not Minimum Wage, nor Social Security? Why are they robbing the most vulnerable of our citizens? Surely, the wealthy do not need Social Security or Medicare. Listening to the arguments of against SS & Medicare makes me physically ill. Where are the Vets, disabled, elderly, etc. supposed to go? Are they cleansing the weak from the US population? I am terrified for those of us who are ill. We are perceived as lazy, yet to live on this amount is impossible. We all would love to work if we were able. Who wants to subsist on $1,100 per month? At least 1/2 of this money, is spent on Medical co-pays – deductibles and prescriptions. And car insurance, and rent and utilities and food.

    Let us see a Washington politician try this for one month. Work a 40 hour shift at a fast food place @ $8 an hour.
    Or stay home and live on SS. Maybe this should happen during a campaign – thus – that individual would, comprehend what it is like to be poor in this country. I would vote for that candidate.

    Now we have a President who thinks it is smart NOT to pay taxes, yet his income is enormous.
    I’m done. I’m tired of the 2 year campaign. Tired from living on pins and needles, wondering how many
    of us will die. Seriously. Tired of Doctors, Hospitals, Tests. Tired of my bank account. I might just lay down now. . .