Help Us Replace Wasserman-Schultz With Jen Perelman!

Jul 31, 2020

In solidarity,

Mike Fox for Alan, Mike H. Kimberly, Bryan, Deb, Janis, Donna, Dan, and Dr. Bill — your PDA National Team

Let’s Replace Wasserman-Schultz In FL-23 With Jen!

As bad as Debbie Wasserman-Schultz has been — from actively working against Bernie as DNC chair, to never signing on to any of our legislation –Jen Perelman will be great!

Jen scored 100% on our questionnaire, has been a local progressive activist for years, and has shown that she isn’t afraid of fighting for all of our issues.

She’s young, bright, assertive, and has our community as a whole at heart, and we’re asking our activists nationwide to show her support. 

Her primary is August 18th, and vote by mail ballots have already dropped, so we need your help now.

Click here and give as much as you can towards our efforts to get her elected.

We also need the phones on fire for her, so jump on with our phone-banking team here.

It’s well past time for Debbie Wasserman-Schultz to step aside.  She consistently votes to the right of her safe blue district, and Progressive Punch ranks her as a “D”. 

Let’s replace her with this A+ candidate, Jen Perelman!

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  1. Jackie

    We couldn’t have a better replacement for DWS. I live in FL 23 district and can’t wait to have a progressive, smart and courageous representation in congress.
    I ask you all even if you don’t live in FL23 please help us calling or donating. Thank you!