End The War On Women

May 16, 2019

Please Pitch In Now To Help End The War On Women
By Electing Progressives To Reverse Trump’s Agenda

Yours for democracy, Mike Hersh for Kimberly, Deb, Janis, Shayna, Alan, Mike F, Dan, Dr. Bill, and Bryan—your PDA National Team

Pitch In To End The War On Women

As a man, I can barely imagine the frustration, fear, and fury women must feel as Republicans continually take aim at women’s basic rights, dignity, and humanity. Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) was founded in 2004 to uphold progressive policies like Medicare For All which would protect the right to choose by overriding the Hyde Amendment, preempting all state abortion bans, and paying for all reproductive healthcare—including abortion.

We founded PDA because we understood that “third way” capitulation enables right wing Republican extremism, and led to widespread human suffering—including aggressive wars and militarism, concentration of wealth and power in the hands of exploitative oligarchs, union busting, racism, xenophobia, the climate emergency, lack of healthcare, and much more.

This week, we’ve seen an alarming escalation in the right wing war on women. Make no mistake: When a candidate who bragged about grabbing women by their genitals is nominated, elected, and reinforced by the Republican Party, the GOP has made misogyny a major plank of their platform. But the Trumpublicans couldn’t do this alone. They needed and received help from some top-level Democrats!

Join PDA Defying Trump and Trump-Enabling “Democrats”
Help Recruit and Elect Progressive Congressional Candidates

PDA helps lead the fight against the Trumpublicans every day, but let’s be honest: the GOP could not roll back women’s rights without complicity of establishment “Democrats” like Rep. Cheri Bustos, the Chair of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC or D Triple C). Rep. Bustos is abusing her position to protect an anti-choice, right wing “Democrat” incumbent, Rep. Dan Lipinski against a progressive pro-choice challenger, PDA-endorsed candidate, Marie Newman.

This outrage is the embodiment of Rep. Bustos’ announced policy to freeze out challengers and to protect corporatist / GOP Lite incumbents. This is intolerable. PDA is the truly Progressive Democratic antidote to the toxic corporatist capitulation by the Trump-enablers in “Democratic Leadership.” PDA is fighting back, and we need your help right now.

The DCCC is trying to cut off the rise of new progressive stars—the next AOC—with these restrictive new rules. They’re willfully making common cause with extremist Republicans by protecting DINOs (Democrats In Name Only).

As they put it: “The core mission of the DCCC is electing House Democrats, which includes supporting and protecting incumbents. To that end, the DCCC will not conduct business with, nor recommend to any of its targeted campaigns, any consultant that works with an opponent of a sitting Member of the House Democratic Caucus.” (Emphasis added.)

We need your help now to support challengers and to force the Democratic Party to be more democratic, progressive, and responsive to you. Please support our year-round work with an automatic monthly gift or a generous one-time gift to rebuild, remake, and reimagine the Democratic Party into a true People’s Party, dedicated to enacting the legislation we all need to survive and thrive in the 21st century.

P.S. Join PDA’s sustainers as we invest early to elect progressives in 2020