Ellison holds edge in DNC race survey

Feb 22, 2017

By Ben Kamisar and Owen Eagan – The Hill

As Democrats head to Atlanta this weekend to vote on their party’s next chair, the race to lead the Democratic National Committee chair is coming down to its two leading candidates.

Rep. Keith Ellison (Minn.) has the edge over former Labor secretary Tom Perez in The Hill’s new survey of DNC members. But while both men claim they are close to securing commitments from the majority of the 447 voting members, neither candidate is assured victory.

The Hill has identified the stances of 240 DNC members, either through their private responses to a survey circulated over the past week or from public endorsements.

Out of those who responded, Ellison leads with 105 supporters to Perez’s 57. The remaining major candidates have less than a dozen supporters each, while more than 50 DNC members remain undecided.

It’s possible that a mass movement by undecided voters or a broad change-of-heart could push either candidate to the 224-vote threshold for a first-ballot victory, but it appears likely the race will head to multiple rounds.

The vote will take as many ballots as needed for a candidate to cobble together a majority. After the second round of balloting, the candidate with the lowest vote total will be removed from subsequent ballots until one candidate emerges with a majority.

“Whoever is going to win is likely going to win on multiple ballots,” said Mo Elleithee, a former DNC spokesman who now heads Georgetown University’s Institute of Politics and Public Service.

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  1. Dwight

    Once again the tone deaf Dem Elites get it exactly wrong. The defeat of the Keith Ellison is deeply disappointing and disturbing.

  2. Bryan Blakely

    Good information. As a Keith Ellison supporter in Colorado, who can/should I contact who has a vote on the DNC to urge them to support Keith?