End Corporate Rule is part of the We The People NOT We The Corporations PDA platform. We work on the following issues:

  • Overturn Citizens United
  • Protect the Postal Service
  • Negotiate Prescription Drug Prices Under Medicare Part D
  • End the Congress Member to Lobbyist Revolving Door

End Corporate Rule Statistics and Facts

  • 15 States and 500 Jurisdictions have called for a Constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United
  • From 1983 to 2004, due to tax cuts and the defeat of labor unions, distribution of new wealth has gone:
    • 42% to the top 1% of Americans
    • 94% to the top 20% of Americans
    • 6% to the bottom 80% of Americans
  • If Medicare were allowed to negotiate prescription drug prices with drug companies under Medicare Part D, we would save over half a trillion dollars over 10 years

Legislation Our Team Has Endorsed

  • HJ Res 48 (Nolan – D-MN)
  • SJ Res 5 (Udall – NM)
  • HJ Res 22 (Deutch – FL21)
  • H Res 54 – Restore Service Standards for the Post Office (McKinley – WV01)
  • HJ Res 23 – (McGovern – MA03) Corporations Are Not People

How You Can Get Involved

  • Join our monthly conference call (4th Wednesday)
  • Join our Google Group
  • Suggest Coalition Partners/Activities

Coalition Partners

Move to AmendRepresent UsCenter for Media and DemocracyFree Speech for PeopleCommon CausePublic CitizenPeople for the American WayPR Watch

Issue Team Leaders

Stephen Spitz
Jann Campbell
Russell Freedman
Walter Kloefkorn
Steve Cobble