Defeating Joe Manchin’s Dirty Side Deal a huge victory for PDA and the planet, but we can’t let up

Oct 4, 2022 | PDA News

In ongoing solidarity,
Alan Minsky for the PDA National Team


Our Climate Liaison Program played a leading role in defeating Joe Manchin’s Side Deal. We Need Your Support for Ongoing Work. Become a Monthly Sustainer


PDA is one of the few national organizations that both actively supports candidates for office and then, after election season, holds all elected officials accountable—to the same progressive standards.

Why does PDA take this rare approach to American politics? It’s simple—it’s because we work for the benefit of the planet and the people and NOT to curry favor with the powerful.

Standing up against Sen. Joe Manchin’s side deal was a perfect example of this strategy. There was a time, only about a month and a half ago, when only PDA and the strongest advocates for environmental justice and the climate were willing to wage a fight on this front. We, at PDA, were not about to abandon any frontline communities (who would’ve seen their protections stripped away), nor what science says is necessary to protect our habitat. So, we mobilized our Climate Liaison Program along with our partners at Food & Water Watch, and our national membership began lobbying their own elected members of Congress to reject Sen. Manchin’s Dirty Side Deal.

PDA wasn’t the only group mobilized, but we were among the first—and, as always with our liaison program, we were among the most sophisticated public advocates for our position.

This is heroic work, and it doesn’t come cheap. Please support our continuing efforts to save the planet and build a better world for all of us by becoming a PDA sustainer today.

Thanks so much for anything you can do.