Countdown 24 Days

Oct 11, 2020

by Debra Schrishuhn for the PDA National Team


In 24 days, it will be all over except the counting. Until then, PDA is committed to make every day count toward defeating authoritarian would-be dictator Donald Trump and his Republican cronies. They must pay the electoral price for enabling 215,000 American COVID-19 deaths, degrading our natural resources, dehumanizing immigrants and people of color, eroding our international alliances, and encouraging bigotry and ethic intolerance here and abroad.

We are pushing GOTV efforts throughout the country, concentrating on swing states and working with allied progressive organizations.

On Friday, PDA activists in Pennsylvania working through the coalition of PA United succeeded in bringing enough grassroots pressure to get a bad bill pulled from the state legislative calendar. This Republican-sponsored bill would have set up an “election oversight committee” that could confiscate ballots and subpoena election officials to investigate a “fraudulent vote.” People power won this battle through vigilance, persistence, and hard work.

These attacks on the integrity of our elections will only accelerate as Republicans realize they are losing their grip on the levers of power. Help PDA make sustained efforts to preserve our electoral integrity with a monthly gift of $50, $20, $10, or $5.

After November 3, our REALLY hard work begins. We anticipate Republican resistance to accepting the will of the people, with more and more attempts to hobble incoming Democratic majorities. From lawsuits to rammed-through confirmation hearings and votes, we must be ready and have resources to stand up for fair play and protect progressive policies. Volunteer if you have time—even an hour helps—and donate generously with a monthly gift of $50, $20, $10, or $5.

It’s 24 days to Election Day. PDA is here for you. We need you to be here for us. Thanks for anything you can do.