Climate Emergency Requires Specific Solutions

Jun 30, 2019

In solidarity,  Mike Hersh for Alan, Mike F, Janis, Dan, Shayna, Dr. Bill, Kimberly, Deb, and Bryan—your PDA National Team

Demand Specific Climate Solutions Now!
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A lot of organizations ask you for donations. A lot of them refer to the presidential debates. But few if any of them have any plans to help set the agenda for the debates. Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) is unique. This past week, we took a leadership role in the ongoing existential struggle to raise consciousness by demanding a debate on the Climate Emergency.

Russell Greene, (PDA’s Senior Advisor on Climate) and PDA’s Executive Director Alan Minsky partnered with leading climate activist Tom Weis to launch a new campaign. This effort is already mobilizing with leading climate organizations, experts, authors, and activists like you to demand that DNC Chairman Tom Perez hold a presidential debate addressing the #ClimateEmergency.

PDA Ran This Ad Demanding a Debate on the Climate Emergency

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Notable among the first rounds of signatories joining Russell, Tom, and Alan are: Greenpeace,, Friends of the Earth, Food and Water Watch, The Climate Mobilization, Extinction Rebellion, Naomi Klein, Rev. Lennox Yearwood Jr, Thom Hartmann, and filmmaker Josh Fox.

PDA raised funds to place the ad in the Miami Herald (above) on the day of the second Democratic Debate to reach all of the Democratic candidates, DNC members, and other leaders collected in Miami. In the streets, PDA national staffer Mike Fox and a crew of PDA activists joined a coalition effort outside of the debates, making sure the candidates all felt the public pressure as they entered the arena.

What did we learn about the climate from two debates this past week? That only 14 minutes out of four hours were dedicated to the climate—and, not surprisingly, the comments were limited to vague generalities. In other words, we learned one thing: PDA is right, we need a climate emergency debate!

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