Bodily Autonomy is a Human Right: We Demand the Legalization of Mifepristone!

Apr 13, 2023 | PDA News

The Time is Now to Raise Our Voices and Organize for Justice. It is every person’s right to control their own body!


Last Friday Matthew Kacsmaryk, a district judge appointed by Donald Trump, passed down a ruling that would effectively outlaw the abortion drug mifepristone, often prescribed in the early stages to terminate a pregnancy. The judge, who works in Amarillo, Texas, stayed his ruling for seven days to allow the Biden administration time to appeal.

In a filing with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, the Department of Justice called Judge Kacsmaryk’s decision on the drug mifepristone “especially unwarranted” because it would undermine the Federal Drug Administration’s scientific judgment and harm women for whom the drug is medically necessary.

The Biden Administration is most certainly correct in its appeal, but the Fifth Circuit is dominated by conservatives. The time is now to raise our voices and organize for justice! Support PDA’s efforts across the country.

At last Sunday’s PDA Town Hall, Jonathan Adler, a Southern California attorney, spoke about the legal ramifications of Judge Kacsmaryk’s ruling and why we must make the courts a central focus of the progressive electoral agenda. Then, Linda Prine spoke about what telemedicine providers are doing in response to the Texas decision, what we are seeing on the Miscarriage and Abortion Hotline, and how we must also organize state-by-state to protect the right to choose.  

You can watch the video of Jonathan Adler and Linda Prine here (their interviews begin at 16:10).

Access to abortion is essential to healthcare, and healthcare is a human right! Denial of access to abortion services jeopardizes a person’s physical and mental health and takes away their bodily autonomy.

We will fight these draconian laws and restrictions on abortion and abortion medication with all of our might. Together we will win! Join us.

In solidarity,

The PDA National Staff