Big Blue Wave In Michigan Tomorrow?

Aug 6, 2018

By  Mike Hersh for Mike F., Donna, Deb, Judy, Dan, Janis, Dr. Bill, Kim, and Bryan—your PDA National Team

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Michigan Votes Tomorrow

Michigan is on its way back! In 2016, Michigan went to Trump in a shocking low point. The result was demoralizing, although Republicans have dominated the state for several years. It’s time to change all that. After suffering under years of Republican misrule—massive job losses, disappearing democracy, and poisoned drinking water—progressives are fighting back. Abdul El-Sayed, a Medicare for All Berniecrat, is running strongly for governor. Three powerful PDA-endorsed progressive candidates for Congress are also on tomorrow’s ballot.

Please do what you can now! Give generously now to back our Win 2018 effort, and contact Mike “Phone Guy” Fox if you can volunteer to help get out the progressive vote in Michigan or on the phone from your own home anywhere in the country.

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Rashida Tlaib is a multi-term former State House Rep. running for MI-13, the seat vacated by progressive icon John Conyers. She beat the Koch Brothers in a local pollution battle, and will carry on the fight for expanded and improved Medicare for all, along with the rest of our progressive ideals. Please contribute now.

Steve Friday is a proud Berniecrat, Air Force veteran, and social worker/community organizer running in MI-07. Please contribute now.

Chris Smith is a college professor teaching public policy and law at MSU running in MI-08. Please contribute now.

These are three amazing progressive candidates. Thank you for doing everything you can to help them win in tomorrow’s primaries.

For a more progressive Congress,

Mike Hersh for Mike F., Donna, Deb, Judy, Dan, Janis, Dr. Bill, Kim, and Bryan—your PDA National Team

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