Action Alert: Cut Military Spending: Directions to Call & Email Your Member of Congress

Jul 10, 2023 | PDA News, Rapid Response

Today and Tomorrow We Encourage All Progressive Democrats to Urge Their Members of Congress to Vote “Yes” on the Lee/Pocan Amendment to the NDAA to Cut $100 Billion from the Military Budget. It’s Simple to Do: Follow the Instructions Below


Reps. Barbara Lee and Mark Pocan are offering an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that would free $100 billion from the already bloated Pentagon budget, funding that should be redirected to more efficient, effective, and beneficial government operations and projects.
PDA is asking all Progressive Democrats to email and call their Member of Congress and ask them to vote “Yes” on this amendment. It’s simple to do, just follow these directions.

Step 1. You can retrieve PDA’s sample letter—all ready to go—at this website: EDUCATE CONGRESS | PD4A (

Step 2. Download the letter. Add your U.S. Representative’s name at the top and your name at the bottom.

Step 3. Send the letter to your Representative’s Chief of Staff and Legislative Director. You can find their emails at the website “Bill Track 50″—just go to and search for “Bill Track 50” plus your Representative’s name. Click on the link that comes up, then click on the tab that says “staff”— and you will find the emails for all of your Representative’s staff on the next page.
Step 4. After you’ve sent in the email, follow up with a phone call to your Representative’s office. You can find complete directions for making the phone call, including a ready-to-go phone script, at this website: EDUCATE CONGRESS | PD4A (

Follow these four easy steps, and together we will make a powerful statement for peace and responsible government in the great tradition of PDA!

The complete NDAA could be voted on as early as Wednesday, so it’s important to send in a letter and make that call either today or tomorrow


Alan Miinsky for the PDA National Team