Mar 17, 2018

By  Mike Hersh for Donna, Mike F., Dr. Bill, Janis, Deb, Bryan, Kim, Dan, Judy, Amos, Dave, and the rest of the PDA team

On PDA Activist Saturday
Here’s Actions To Do Now!

Thanks to you, we’re winning. Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) was founded in 2004 to move the Democratic Party and American politics forward toward progress, justice, fairness, equality, sustainability, shared prosperity, democracy, health, peace, and compassion. Thanks to your support, we’ve accomplished a lot.

Give generously to help PDA build a
more progressive Democratic Party

This past week, we’ve been organizing 24/7. We’re working within expanding coalitions to achieve peace through the Divest From The War Machine Campaign, and to support the Progressive Caucus “People’s Budget.” We held our regular Healthcare is a Human Right organizing call, and our Educate Congress letter drop call. We’re delivering the letters in the district offices and on Capitol Hill.

Please support our “DemEnter” efforts. Click here to kick in $500, $50, or whatever you can to help defray our travel, printing, and other costs pushing for pro-democracy reforms, Medicare for All and peace (Healthcare Not Warfare), and gear up for the primaries. Of equal importance, local elections to determine who votes on the state party chairs and other key positions are approaching. We need your help now! Please let us know if you are:

  • currently an elected/voting member of your local, county, ward, or state Democratic Party
  • willing to run for a position in a Democratic Party entity
  • willing to run for a Democratic Party position

If you are an elected member of your state or local Democratic Party, or if you would consider running for a party position, please email Mike Fox with your contact information and other details. Too busy to run for an official party position? Sign up with Mike Fox to find out about other ways to help. Taking back the Democratic Party from the corporations and lobbyists won’t be easy or cheap. We need resources to organize behind strong candidates. Please pitch in $500, $50, or whatever you can right now.

Here are a dozen ways we’re helping you have a huge impact right now by telling Congress to end and prevent war, guarantee equal rights, protect our elections and our climate, save net neutrality, impeach Trump, champion healthcare as a human right, and stand up for the DREAMers. Also, to urge Bernie Sanders to run for president. Just click on the links below:

  1. Tell Elected Officials to Sign the Peace Pledge
  2. Tell Congress to End The War In Yemen
  3. Take away Trump’s Nuclear War Powers
  4. Protect The Iran Nuclear Treaty
  5. Advance the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA)
  6. Protect Our Elections From Hacking
  7. Tell Congress to get us Off Fossil Fuels
  8. Contact Congress to Save Net Neutrality
  9. Tell Congress to Impeach Trump
  10. Tell Senators Healthcare Is A Human Right
  11. Demand A Clean Dream Act (DACA)
  12. Sign the We Want Bernie 2020 Petition

There’s even more you can do! Contribute $500, $50, or as much as you can to help us continue our work! We don’t have billionaire dark money donors. We depend upon you. Can’t give money at the moment? We understand. We need your expertise and effort too! Join the Phone Team making easy, effective calls from your own home. Get on the phones to sister and brother progressives with Mike Fox. Get active with your local PDA chapter or start a new one with Dan O’Neal. Join the Letter Drop Team to Educate Congress. To get involved, contact Judy Hess. Click here to watch and share a short video explaining Expanded and Improved Medicare for All!

In solidarity,

Mike Hersh for Donna, Mike F., Dr. Bill, Janis, Deb, Bryan, Kim, Dan, Judy, Amos, Dave, and the rest of the PDA team

P.S. We need your help to make a real difference. Contribute as much as you can to help us continue our work to defeat Trumpublican policies and candidates!