Why We Need Progressive Change: Mass Shootings, Bank Failures, Dismal Climate Reports, on and on

Mar 29, 2023 | PDA News

This amazing country, blessed with more assets than any in the world, seems lost at sea. Of the competing political forces in the country only the Progressive Movement promises social renewal that we can all embrace. Support PDA today!


As we emerge from the pandemic years, there are few among us who can claim that America is emerging renewed and wiser from the experience.

Indeed, the entrenched economic and political interests remain fully in power. Signifiers of the failure of the reign of the neo-liberal status quo remain omnipresent: deaths at the border, yet another mass shooting, the Fed acting against the interests of working people, and, of course, more evidence that underregulated capitalism cannot and will not adequately tackle the climate emergency.

On top of all of that, the hateful right-wing backlash against the popular uprising of the summer of 2020 continues apace. Even some centrist Democrats fall in line, rejecting the promise of progressive change and embracing a reactionary tough-on-crime message.

We, at PDA, understand that we must break out of this rut. Ours is a vision of a much more equitable society, less violent, more prosperous and in harmony with the planet.  It’s possible and we have a public policy platform that would make it a reality.

Together, let’s make progressive change America’s reality!

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Alan Minsky for the PDA National Team