Why Tina And I Are PDA Monthly Donors

Oct 8, 2017

By   Randy Shannon, Board Member, Progressive Democrats Of America

Join Tina And Me As Monthly PDA Sustainers

Tina and I have been sustaining monthly donors to PDA for many years. Like you, we understand the critical role PDA is playing in the struggle for real democracy in our United States, and we thank you for your support!

We helped PDA work directly with Bernie
and organized a mass petition drive for him to run for President in the Democratic primary. We presented the petitions to Bernie in Northampton, MA at our 10th Anniversary celebration just days after the passing of our inspired leader Tim Carpenter.

That work, the last initiative of Tim Carpenter, was continued by a PDA committed to fulfill Tim’s vision of a new political landscape in America. That effort was a resounding success.

Now, many organizations have sprung up from the seeds sown by PDA and cultivated by the Sanders campaign.  As new progressive groups form, the competition for funds has become more challenging for PDA. PDA depends on monthly contributions from our membership (also known as “Change Makes Change”).

PDA staff and activists are working hard to keep up with the growing demands of this new situation. This increased demand for work has not been rewarded with an increase in donations to PDA. PDA certainly has more recognition, more appreciation, and more voice. But to maintain even this level without further expansion, PDA needs to increase monthly sustaining donations.

Tina and I both work and have been sustaining PDA for over a decade. Due to unexpected family demands we had to cut that sustainer about a year ago. Now at this critical time we are increasing our sustaining donation 50%. We are counting on you, who, with us, have had PDA’s back for these critical years to increase your current sustaining contribution, or become a Change Makes Change partner, now.

An overall 15% increase by our current Change Makes Change partners will help PDA balance its current cash flow and attain aggressive campaign goals. Will you help us today?

As 2018 approaches, PDA’s liquidity is essential to plan and implement our strategy for the critical next two and four year election cycles. Working with all these new groups is more important than ever. PDA’s voice is appreciated and our experience is valued. PDA’s ability to mobilize activists with our national phone bank is just one of the many assets that we can bring into the upcoming battle to create a progressive electable Democratic slate for 2018 and 2020 and defeat the far right.

So please, either become a monthly sustainer, or increase your current commitment right now.  If you have any questions, email mikefox@pdamerica.org

Solidarity forever!

Randy Shannon, Board Member, Progressive Democrats Of America

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