Why does it look like Summer Lee has won in PA-12?

May 19, 2022 | PDA News

In solidarity towards more victories,
Mike Fox for the PDA National Team


The Answer is Simple: People Power and a Great Ground Game!


Although there are still some votes that need to be counted, it certainly looks as though PDA’s nationally endorsed candidate Summer Lee will win an historic victory in PA-12. (Greater Pittsburgh).  

This victory comes after millions of dollars in attack ads were dumped into the district in an effort to defeat her.

So how did she overcome the corporatists? The same way she beat a 20-year incumbent in her State House race: with serious ground game. People talking to people, either at the door, or on the phone.

And being relentless as a campaign. Not a canvas or a phone bank here and there. Daily outreach, with an appreciation for the power of humans talking to humans.

There’s no question people can beat money. Summer’s campaign proves that. But there’s a caveat: it takes lots of people pulling together and literally thousands of hours to make it happen in a district as large as a U.S. House district.

And that’s where you and I come in.

If you’re reading this email, we need you in the game with us for all of our endorsed candidates, but most importantly right now, for those who have primaries on Tuesday, May 24. (Yep, just 6 days from now.)

So, if you’re willing to set aside even just one hour to make a real difference for Jessica Cisneros in TX-28, Vincent Fort in GA-13, or one of our other endorsed candidates, let us know now.

There’s no question that we can beat the dark money flooding politics. But we have to stand up and make the commitment to talk to voters. Our national phone team focuses first and foremost on our own PDA list, so the calls are really easy and often inspiring!

So will you put an hour or more in with us?

If we all show solidarity with each other and each just do a little, it becomes a lot, very quickly!

I hope you’ll join us.