What We’re Seeing Is Nothing But Evil

Aug 10, 2019

In solidarity,  Dan O’Neal and Debra Schrishuhn for Alan, Mike F., Janis, Dr. Bill, Shayna, Mike H., Kimberly, and Bryan—your PDA National Team

Nothing But Evil!

In what can only be described as consciously terroristic and evil actions, the Trump administration proceeded Wednesday with massive Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raids, arresting 680 suspected undocumented food processing workers in Mississippi.

As if the message wasn’t clear, this act of throwing salt on a festering wound took place just days after the massacre of Latino Wal-Mart shoppers in El Paso, Texas. The massive raid certainly compounded fear and mistrust of the US government in immigrant communities nationwide.

With their parents in custody, scores of frightened and tearful children finished their first day of school with no parents at home. Babies and toddlers remained at daycare with no one to pick them up. Millions of Americans watched crying children interviewed on TV, wondering what kind of a monster is currently residing in the White House.

On Thursday, Sen. Bernie Sanders joined immigrant rights groups and others in condemning the ICE raids and the racist El Paso massacre as part of the broader terrorization Donald Trump has unleashed on immigrant communities. We must agree!

This is evil,” tweeted Sanders. “Days after immigrants were gunned down in El Paso, Trump is continuing the attacks on immigrant families.”

Compounding the administration’s culpability is the horrible story this week of Jimmy Aldaoud’sdeath. A 41-year-old Iraqi man born in Greece, he was brought to Detroit as an infant and spoke only English. In June he was deported to Iraq, a place he had never been, where he died from lack of insulin for his diabetic illness—one more example of this administration’s inhumane policies toward immigrants and people of color.

Remember–children are still in cages, and families are still being ripped apart, all the while  the complicity of nearly every Republican elected official echoes in wells of silence. Crickets !!!

Let’s all step up and continue to fight back!

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  1. Lynn Manzione

    I would rather see trump deported than any immigrant seeking asylum